Audio & Entertainment

This picture shows loudspeakers.

Focus on High-Quality Solutions

The times of flickering CRT screens are long gone. More and more high-technology innovations are finding their way into consumer electronics. Artificial intelligence, digital systems, high-definition OLED screens, interconnectedness and streaming are attracting increasing attention.

Even if consumer electronics are currently dominated by Asian manufacturers, there are several European companies specialised on high-end solutions in audio and entertainment technology.

Challenges in the Area of Audio and Entertainment

The greatest challenge for developers is keeping up with an ever-demanding market while keeping an eye on the costs. Sound, voice control, WLAN, live streaming - today's consumers know exactly what they want. Design requirements are becoming ever more complex, and sustainability also plays a central role.

Though digitalisation leaves a certain room for miniaturisation in design, the sheer number of envisaged features means that particular attention must be given to the selection of components.

Our Expertise in Audio & Entertainment

You are developing assemblies in the area of consumer electronics and you are looking for the corresponding components? CODICO will accompany you and support you in the selection of the desired components. Connectors, power supplies, hybrid capacitors, class-D inductors, bluetooth and WLAN chipsets, audio codecs, high-end DACs and ADCs, just to name a few examples from our comprehensive product portfolio.