Security & Safety

CODICO offers expertise in the field of Security & Safety

For a Carefree Life

Security and safety are an indispensable part of our modern society, allowing us to live a carefree life. In a business environment, it is essential that all processes in an organisation run securely and smoothly.

In addition to video surveillance, access controls, and building management, movement sensors – also known as PIR sensors – play an important role. PIR sensors, however, are not only used in security applications, they also help reduce power consumption and increase comfort.

Challenges in the Area of Security & Safety

A stable IP network is absolutely essential for the proper functioning of a security system. The connection to the security network can be established via a cable or wirelessly, making sure that the data rates in the IP network are high enough to allow data from audio and video sources to be transferred unhindered. Moreover, consideration must be given to supplying power to the individual components. This will depend on whether the units are installed inside the building or outdoors, and on how large the monitored area will be.

Image, sound, and user interface play an important role in access control. They allow for a secure and comfortable operation of the system in a business environment, yet also for private use.

Our Expertise in Security & Safety

Are you working on the development of a security system that should comply with all the latest standards? Are you searching for quick data transfer solutions? Do you need support in finding the right power supply or special solutions in interconnect systems?

CODICO will be happy to accompany and support you in the selection of critical components during the design-in phase. These include communication solutions (cabled or wireless), quartz crystals, oscillators, power over Ethernet (PoE), displays, inductors, capacitors, solenoids, relays, infrared sensors, and connectors.

We will be happy to provide you with information on the latest trends and technologies. Our expert advice will help you minimise development time and achieve maximum performance and economic efficiency for your application.