This image shows an ethernet cable, lan internet wire data connection.

Wired Data Transmission

Be it through copper lines or fibre optics, cabled data transmission is still the most efficient, robust, safe, and quick method of getting information from A to B.

The numerous advancements achieved in recent years were not limited to wireless transmission, wired connection technology has also made leaps. To begin with, there was the shift from analogue to digital transmission. We have seen the development of standards such as ISDN, ADSL, or the omnipresent USB technology.



Our Competence in the Area of Wired Data Transmission

Contrary to wireless technology, wired transmission has the decisive advantage of transferring data at high rates over long distances even without the need for hubs or repeaters. Moreover, data transmission via physical lines is still relatively tap-proof and less susceptible to failures.

The major disadvantage of cabled transmission is the significant deployment of material, personnel and time required to establish a connection free of interference over several kilometres.

CODICO's experts will be happy to support you in selecting the ideal transmission technology for your needs, resorting to a wide product portfolio of different cabled but also wireless solution, such as LTE/5G mobile networks, or satellite transmission.