How to Choose the Right Crystal

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We are experiencing an information revolution. Communication is becoming more and more important and data traffic is growing inexorably. For large data transfers, clock precision and robustness are essential requirements. The demand for crystal products is increasing and customers are demanding more and more advanced quartz technologies. Although it is a simple clock and there have been major changes over the last 20 years, there is still plenty of room for further development.

To meet your design requirements, CODICO offers "best-in-class" crystals. Quartz crystals from our portfolio offer outstanding stability and can be used in various markets and applications - such as automotive, industrial controls, energy measurement, telecommunications and medical technology.

In this whitepaper series, we examine all aspects related to crystals.

What You Will Learn From This Whitepaper-Series

PART 1: The Selection of the Right Crystal

In part 1 of our whitepaper series we explain why you need a crystal at all and what you should look out for when choosing it. Important for this are the following three main characteristics: 

  • Oscillation frequency (f)
  • Frequency tolerance (Δf)
  • Load capacity (CL)

Afterwards we explain essential customizable parameters like the equivalent series resistance (ESR). And we talk about what is important when designing a crystal.

PART 2: Crystal Technologies and Applications today

Part 2 deals with the progress crystal technology has made in the 21st century. In the past 20 years alone, the size of crystal has shrunk to less than a tenth of its original size, and this with increasing stability. Construction and equipment design have also developed considerably. We present the latest applications and explore the question of whether MEMS oscillators can take over the functions of crystals.

PART 3: The Importance of Quality

In part 3 of our whitepaper we deal with quality. What does high quality mean and why do we need it? We explain the criteria you can use to select the most suitable manufacturer for your requirements. Which quartz defects and failures occur? Here we go into the correct design of the resonant circuit and explain what problems particles can cause. Unfortunately it is not possible to eliminate quartz failures completely. Therefore it is obvious to prevent as much as possible by quality control and correct processes.


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