This image shows a smart watch.

Intelligent Sensors on Our Bodies

The advancing miniaturisation in the area of sensors and analysis units is creating new opportunities for self-monitoring and diagnosis. More and more health insurance companies are encouraging voluntary self-monitoring in an effort to raise people's health awareness. This why the number of fitness trackers on offer is exploding. But the use of wearables is not limited to sports, these are now also being adopted for the interaction between humans and machines (e.g. data glasses). The limits are also becoming increasingly blurred in the area of medicine. Non-critical health monitoring systems are becoming more and more similar to wearables.

In addition to the required miniaturisation, all these systems put a focus on the following requirements:

  • Efficient battery management
  • Sensors
  • A low-consumption display unit
  • Communication interfaces

Our Competence in Wearables

Our customer support will focus on your requirements and ideas! CODICO’s team of experts will assist you in the selection and use of components for wearables. Our wide product range includes inductors, oscillators, real-time clocks, sensors, battery management systems, communication modules, cable assemblies, connectors, and displays.