Motion Control & Inverters

This image shows a SMD microchip mounted on a blue PCB board.

Controlled Motion

Digitalisation and the Internet of Things (IoT) represent a major challenge for industrial automation. In the age of industry 4.0, machine availability is key. As a result of increasing technological diversity, the focus is shifting toward modular machine architecture so as to respond to individual needs and requirements.

Motion control is a modern industrial sector which is based on the latest technologies such as single-pair Ethernet (SPE) and is setting new standards. Today, a stable and continued interconnection between all components with a minimum amount of cabling is the state of the art.

Our Competence in the Area of Motion Control & Inverters

The area of motion control & inverters is characterised by a high degree of diversity. Whether you are looking for visualisation, operation, or I/O and command systems for industrial PCs, CODICO will support you with customised proposals from the area of active and passive components and interconnect systems.

For the necessary propulsion systems, CODICO also offers servo and stepper motors with suitable motor drivers. Our components meet all industrial standards with regard to EMC, vibrations, and temperature range. For industrial applications, CODICO relies on long-standing suppliers with a lot of experience in this sector.