Automotive & Off-Highway

This picture shows a moving car from above at night.

Make Your Car Cleaner, Safer and Connected

The automotive industry is a highly dynamic business. Changes in global markets, social developments, political guidelines and new technologies let this industry face new challenges. Electrification, autonomous driving and connectivity are the new megatrends being pursued by OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer). The harsh environment together with high quality requirements and compliance to strict regulations make selecting the right components very challenging. 

The CODICO team is constantly trained and in very close contact with our suppliers. This makes it easier to identify market trends and to support customer design. Whether it is about new technologies or the best and most cost-effective solution, CODICO’s experts will help you make the right choice.

Challenges in the Automotive Industry

In the automotive industry, developers must pay attention to numerous special requirements:

  • Zero defects: The automotive industry has extremely strict quality requirements.
  • Limited space and a harsh environment: Extreme temperature range, high pressure, strong shocks, vibration and mechanical stress.
  • Specific automotive quality certifications (IATF-16949) or product qualifications (AEC-Q).

CODICO provides solutions with the best price-performance ratio, a secure and highly reliable supply chain and high quality logistic services. Buffer stock, consignment stock or EDI are possible. The automotive and off-highway industry comprises a large number of different applications.

CODICO’s experts offer you their full support in the following areas to help you find the right solution for you.