This image shows the Internet of Things concept with a modern city in the background.

The Principle of Interconnectedness

We live in a network of different networks. Everyone is connected to everyone and everything with everything, anytime and everywhere. Whether wired or wireless, the importance of connectivity has significantly increased. The principle of interconnectedness dominates the societal transformation, and opens a new chapter in social evolution.

This situation is challenging us not only from a technological, but also from a social point of view, in our attitudes and our way of thinking. Interaction between humans and technology will advance dramatically in the coming years.

The Internet of Things (IoT) describes the fact that all electronic devices communicate with each other via an IP-based network. The devices are not limited to certain markets or applications. Rather, the approach is that all electronic devices, regardless of their type, exchange data in some form with neighbouring or even distant devices and synchronise with each other.

IOT Applications and Challenges

The Internet of Things is introducing fundamental changes to our lives, creating new lifestyles and behaviour patterns. For instance, when buying a new car, functions like driver assistance systems, real-time maintenance information, location-based recommendations, dynamic congestion forecasts, or music streaming are having an increasing impact on our decisions. Sensor data from the vehicle, combined with real-time geographical information on traffic and weather conditions, as well as location-linked services are required to advance the development of "autonomous driving".

Even in the area of human-machine interfaces (HMI), regardless of whether they involve touch, gesture, or voice, we are now finding connections to the cloud. The collection of sensor data on the condition and usage of remote devices as a precondition for maintenance services would also be unthinkable without IoT. Similarly, we would not have smart homes today without the Internet of Things. 

IoT is thus increasingly becoming an integral part of every aspect of our lives. And Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will continue to play the leading role in the IoT in the future. Find out more about the different system approaches and how to choose the right chip with the required features for your wireless application. Download now our Whitepaper Series “WiFi and Bluetooth in the world of IoT” and get valuable expert knowledge that help you understand IoT better.

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Our Competence in IOT

The application examples for IoT are as diverse as the products themselves. For a large number of intelligent functions, a connection to the Internet or the cloud is necessary, regardless of the connection technology used. CODICO will be happy to support you in choosing the right transmission technology, and can resort to a wide range of wired and wireless solutions. These include new 5G solutions, but also proven technologies such as WiFi, bluetooth, and many other wireless protocols, as well as ethernet and other wired technologies. Alongside ever-higher data rates, energy-saving technologies such as LPWAN & NB-IoT (Cat M1, Cat-M0, NB IoT) are also gaining significance.

As a design-in distributor, we will be happy to share our experience with you, so as to prepare your home, your workplace, and public space to face the challenges of the future in a safer, more sustainable, productive, and interconnected manner.