Smart Home

This image shows remote home control with a tablet.

From Vision to Reality

The smart heating system adapts to the needs of the residents, the lighting control provides for a cosy atmosphere, and the photovoltaic system feeds electricity into the smart grid. All this is possible in a smart home. Behind this generic term lies a huge variety of different solutions for interconnecting and controlling home installations, home appliances, and consumer electronics. Smart home owners benefit from an efficient energy use and enhanced comfort, and thus achieve a higher living quality. One of the greatest potentials of smart homes lies in heating control, since the heating system is at the heart of a comfortable home and has a huge impact on living comfort, energy consumption, and heating costs.

Challenges for Smart Homes

In the beginnings of building management, the activities focused primarily on large public buildings and on office buildings, factories, and shops. With the boom in information technology, embedded control, and the ability to control systems via smartphone, the technology has found is way into single-family homes and flats.  The reasons that triggered this included the desire for greater comfort and the need to save energy. 

To transform a normal house to a smart home, individual components such as heating, lighting, shading, or air-conditioning require sensors and actuators.  Integrated sensors and software make these devices intelligent, allowing them to react to and act upon changes in their environment, such as temperature. Interconnecting these devices enables them to communicate with each other.

Apart from the design of attractive user interfaces and the entire set of topics in connection with communication technology and sensors, when it comes to actuators, the safe switching of the corresponding loads is an essential part of the smart solution. The key components include state-of-the-art power relays, wireless modules, displays, sensors, as well as high-performance capacitors and inductors for the development of highly miniaturised power supply units.


Are you looking for the right solution for your light control system, the heating control, the security system, for the design of your power supply unit or the cabling and interconnect system? The experts at CODICO will offer you full support in the following areas to help you find the most suitable home automation solution.