Quality & CSR

At CODICO We Always See the Big Picture

At CODICO we think ahead and act accordingly. This is why quality and social responsibility are one of our top priorities. Implementing a quality management system (QMS) will result in numerous benefits for every company. This becomes especially important – if not essential for survival – when faced with particular challenges. Since our first certification in 1995, we have permanently advanced and improved our quality management system. Our processes are constantly becoming leaner, more transparent, and automated, making more and more information available.

Our QMS offers a stable, yet flexible backbone for our actions. Our QM team provides support and orientation for CODICO employees and for you, our customers, our manufacturers and our partners.

This image stands for quality and quality management.

Quality Management

CODICO stands for quality that must be assured at all times

This picture shows a woman holding a small plant in her hand, which represents the concept of sustainability.

Environmental Protection

Together for a smaller footprint

This picture shows a woman forming a heart with her hands, which stands for social responsibility.

Social Responsibility

CSR is the heart of a great company

This image shows team work and integrity in a business context.

Integrity & Conformity

We act responsibly