Shunt Resistors

Shunt resistors used in high-current applications.

Precision and Sense Resistors

Precision and sense resistors from our portfolio are always used when quality is required, which should satisfy both standardized and application specific requirements.

Especially in the automotive industry, but also in the industrial and power electronics, energy measurement, telecommunications and medical equipment resistors from our portfolio offer key advantages.

Among other application, shunts are used in frequency inverter, high-current applications, PFC circuits, power modules and as a pre-charging resistor for power supplies.

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As one of the leading providers worldwide ISABELLENHUETTE produces first-class precision and power resistors in the field of low resistance load for various applications.

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PANASONIC is a big Japanese manufacturer with different business areas like automotive with multi-media products, Manufacturing with electronic components mounting systems or industrial robots and finally the Industrial Business Group with electronic components. CODICO's main focus is on thermal interface sheets, polymer and hybrid capacitors, metal alloy inductors, precision and measurement resistors, switches and encoder. But we also offer active components such as pressure sensors, infrared sensors and dust sensors.

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The VITROHM company logo.


VITROHM has a long history in the development and production of different types of resistors, enabling this company to acquire a great know-how over the course of its history. You will be able to find a solution to all of your needs thanks to the diversified products scope such as fusible resistors, safety resistors, pulse resistors in different formats (wirewound, moulded).

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