FN-Link is specialized in the development and production of "low cost" and "small footprint" WiFi and combo radio modules. The latter solutions support Bluetooth in addition to WiFi.

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Module Solutions in Smallest Design

FN-Link offers a variety of module solutions for different host processors and their interfaces. Most modules support Linux, Android and also Windows. The TCP/IP stack runs on the host processor, which must be provided by the customer. The PHY and MAC (layer 1 and 2) are implemented on the modules. The modules can be controlled via USB, SDIO or PCIe.


Since the focus is on a small form factor design, the smallest design is an incredible 12mm x 12mm, the modules are only offered in a SISO 1x1 or MINO 2x2 antenna configuration. Here, the assortment ranges from very "simple" WiFi4 solutions designed specifically for IoT applications where cost and form factor are the driving duties, to WiFi5 and WiFi6 solutions for client applications. It is also encouraging to see that some modules go beyond CE/FCC/IC certifications and offer others from Asia.

Most modules are offered as a combo module solution, this means in addition to WiFi also Bluetooth/BLE is integrated, which can be controlled by the host processor via UART, PCM, USB or SDIO.

An overview of further products as well as brochures can be found here:

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