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Liquid leak sensor.

Sensors for Special Tasks

CODICO's portfolio includes various sensors and modules for special tasks or with special functions, such as liquid leak sensors or particulate matter (PM) sensors for detecting smoke, environmental dust and other unwanted dangerous pollutants in the air.

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The NIDEC COPAL company logo.


A passion for innovation and very high production quality have made NIDEC COPAL ELECTRONICS one of Japan’s leading manufacturers of switches (coded switches, slide switches, etc.), potentiometers and encoders.

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Joachim Strohschenk is product manager
Joachim Strohschenk +49 89 1301438-17 E-MAIL
The PANASONIC company logo.


PANASONIC is a big Japanese manufacturer with different business areas like automotive with multi-media products, Manufacturing with electronic components mounting systems or industrial robots and finally the Industrial Business Group with electronic components. CODICO's main focus is on thermal interface sheets, polymer and hybrid capacitors, metal alloy inductors, precision and measurement resistors, switches and encoder. But we also offer active components such as pressure sensors, infrared sensors and dust sensors.

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Johannes Kornfehl is product marketing manager
Johannes Kornfehl +43 1 86305-149 E-MAIL

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