CODICO offers expertise in the field of Heating

Making Heating More Efficient

Heating with an open fireplace is still an option today, but outdated in terms of efficiency. Modern heating systems are highly controlled and autonomous working units. There are several common solutions on the market today:

  • Log, pellet or woodchip heating systems
  • Electrical heaters
  • Gas heaters
  • Domestic fuel oil heaters
  • Heat pumps

Old heater generations worked binary and were mainly controlled by the thermostat. New generations not only control the water flow temperature, but also the heating medium flow and other ambient conditions to create an efficient heating experience. All these operations are electronically measured, regulated and controlled.

Our Competence in Heating

Heating devices need to be reliable working for a long lifetime and should offer a low maintenance level. The same conditions obtain for the electronics installed as well. CODICO offers e.g. power supplies (either discrete or as a module), brushless DC motors (for exhaust fans or pumps) and different PTC solutions for temperature sensing.

Besides that, our linecard partners are able to support a wide range of standard, customized and semi customized products meeting the standards given.