CODICO offers expertise in the field of Computing/AI

A New Age of Productivity

Artificial intelligence (AI) is finding its way into more and more areas of our everyday life. The ability to improve production processes and to predict necessary maintenance work using AI can help the industry achieve enormous cost savings. There is a great variety of possible applications for AI, and the requirements for computing platforms and AI accelerators are equally diverse. The applications of AI include the following areas:

  • In medical technology, for the monitoring of bodily functions
  • In logistics, for the optimisation of routes and capacity utilisation of transport equipment
  • In image recognition, when searching for patterns in large datasets
  • In the monitoring of financial transactions to track suspicious patterns

Scalable Solutions for Different Requirements

The challenge for developers of AI systems lies in the selection of the ideal platform. The latter must offer sufficient performance at a reasonable cost. Ideally, the platform should be scalable and variable. In addition, a wide range of different AI accelerators must be available depending on the complexity of the neuronal network, on the requirements for the processor-intensive training of the network and the adjustment in the field. The requirements for the hardware vary according to whether the envisaged use is speech, pattern, or image recognition. Is the system always connected to the cloud, or should the network also function offline? The answer to this question also has a major impact on the choice of the right platform. A new approach consists in already making resources available in edge computing so as to react more dynamically to certain changes in use.


CODICO supports you with professional design-in competence, and accompanies you throughout the entire project cycle. Optimised solutions exist for the applications listed below, and CODICO will be happy to assist you in finding the solution best suited for your needs.