EPT: Zero8 – Zero Limits

EPT's Zero8 product group, known as the all-rounder among connectors, has now expanded to include an additional height option. Straight and angled connectors, available in various pin configurations and heights.


RUBYCON Introduces the new Snap-In Series "UST" and the Optimised "MXT" Series

RUBYCON has expanded its product portfolio of miniaturised Snap-In types.


16V Hybrid Capacitors From SUN

SUN Electronic Industries has recently introduced polymer hybrid aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Find a brief overview about the FVFP- and FVC-series here!


ISABELLENHÜTTE’s Compact Shunts for High-Precision Monitoring

The new series from ISABELLENHÜTTE stands out due to its compact dimensions.


TOREX XC6138 Voltage Detector With 76V Sense Pin

The XC6138 from TOREX is developed for monitoring systems commonly used in industrial equipment applications.


Industrial Displays with USB-C Interface

AMPIRE has developed a controller board that allows integrating their standard displays with a USB-C interface.


Safety for Signals: Digital Signal Isolator MP27960

The MP27960 from MPS is a high-performance, 6-channel digital isolator designed for robust applications. Find a detailed Featurlist here!


FN-LINK Presents Wi-Fi PCIe Radio Modules

FN-LINKs four Wi-Fi PCIe radio modules offer a variety of features and are based on the technology from QUALCOMM.


World’s First Bluetooth Low Energy v5.3 Soc for Very Low Power IoT Applications

QUALCOMM's QCC711 is an industry leading tri-core ultra-low power Bluetooth® Low Energy SoC.


STK Fan - As Fast as the Wind!

Axial fans from STK Fan impress with their reliable and fast availability in a wide range of designs and frame sizes.


ZUU Series - The Ultimate Among Hybrid E-Caps

The ZUU series from PANASONIC Industry features the highest rated ripple current capability.


Energy-Saving, Reflective TFT Displays

YEEBO introduces a series of new reflective TFT-LC displays featuring high energy efficiency.


MP6615 - 40V/8A Automotive Qualified Motor-Driver

With MPQ6615-AEC1 MPS is presenting a Full-Bridge DC motor driver for automotive user cases.


INNOSCIENCE: New Partner for GaN Based Solutions

With INNOSCIENCE CODICO extends the competence in power-components towards Wide-Bandgap-Technology.


ACCONEER XM126 - New IoT Module Based on A121 in the Pipeline

ACCONEER is developing the XM126 a low-power radar module with the A121 pulsed coherent radar sensor.


New RB1 and RB2 Robotics Devices from QUALCOMM

QUALCOMM unveiled two new robotics platforms to complement their existing roadmap of highly integrated devices.


FFC Cables and Connectors from CVILUX for Optimised Applications

CVILUX produces perfectly matched FFC cables (Flat Flexible Cable) and connectors.


Downsizing With Smart High-Performers from ISABELLENHÜTTE

Smart shunt solutions from ISABELLENHÜTTE help to optimise the system costs of body control modules.


New TOREX XCL233 Buck Micro DC/DC Converter with VSET

The new Step-Down Micro DC/DC from TOREX is based on the XC9276 series and includes a VSET function.


Ultra-Compact Wi-Fi6 and Bluetooth 5.1 Module FCM360W

QUECTEL´s FCM360W is versatile and offers a blend of processing power, connectivity and security.