LD2-HV Series- The Standard Inductor With an Isolation Voltage up to 1000V

EATON's ferrite inductor series with Isolation Voltage up to 1000V.


New RTC Module from KDS

KDS' new DD3225TS RTC module does not use a ceramic package and is also available with automotive grade (AEC-Q100/200).

KDS Daishinku Corp

THB Film Capacitors for High Performance Applications

AISHI launched 2,000 hours THB film capacitors for high power industrial and automotive applications.


Reduce Board Space in PoE Applications by 45% With MP8030

MPS presents a fully integrated, 71W Power Over Ethernet (PoE) PD interface with a high-efficiency flyback/forward controller.


SILVERTEL Introduces Gold Block Terminals on Their Popular SMT Miniature Modules

SILVERTEL has launched a new format of their Power over Ethernet (PoE) Ag99XX product range.


CODICO Won the Complete Set of Medals at the “Distributor of the Year” Award 2022 !

We are proud to announce that CODICO is once again one of the TOP distributors!

High-Accuracy Battery Monitor and Protector with Coulomb Counting

The MP2797 is a robust battery management device.


Missed the Webinar?

If you missed the live webinar hosted by CODICO on ACCONEER's Pulsed Coherent Radar technology, you are welcome to find a recording here. Watch the full Webinar!


KDS DSX321G in Industrial Communication ASi-5

KDS, a leading manufacturer of high-quality crystals and oscillators, offers ideal solutions for industrial applications: The KDS DSX321G !

KDS Daishinku Corp

Precision Motors Without the Premium Price Tag

PIEZO MOTION's patented standing wave-type piezoelectric motors & actuators can replace traditional small-size precision rotary and linear motors.


New RUBYCON Snap-in Type E-cap: Keeping Market Technical Leader

RUBYCON announced 4 new series of snap-in electrolytic capacitors: MXT, VXT, HXH and HXK:


Damping Voltage Peaks: Protection for Sensitive Components

ISABELLENHÜTTE has developed a powerful low-resistance snubber shunt. Read More!


Flush-Mounted Power Supply Reduces Time-To-Market

CODICO has developed a flush-mounted power supply to help you reduce the market introduction time.


New Single Chip USB-C to HDMI 2.1 Video Interface

SYNAPTICS recently released VMM7100 - a new single chip that allows the transfer of 8k and 10k resolutions from notebooks to corresponding monitors.


Extremely Bright 10.1” IPS TFT-Display

The new 10.1" TFT LCD from YEEBO offers sufficient brightness and high contrast for displays in outdoor applications.


M8 Hybrid Single Pair Ethernet Cable Assemblies

SINBON's small size M8 connector combines power transmission up to 8A with the new Single Pair Ethernet Technology.


New TOREX XC9145 Step Up DC/DC Converter

TOREX newest boost DC/DC converter is their lowest quiescent current boost DC/DC solution.


Snap-in Capacitors from AISHI

CODICO is presenting the standard snap-in products of the LM series and the LT series.


MP6612: H-Bridge DC Motor Driver With Current Sense

MPS introduces a H-bridge motor driver which can drive inductive loads.