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Since the introduction of the famous RY and RT relays 25 years ago the market has been waiting for a successor to offer new features and benefits.

Due to the increasing automation in the building technology, and in particular because of the desire of customers for more comfort and safety but also for energy management, the demand and the requirements for PCB relays have increased in recent years. All these new solutions call for a sophisticated selection of relays.

Our whitepaper series "Trends and innovations in the world of PCB relays" offers valuable expert knowledge to help you find the optimum relay solution for your application.

What You Learn From This Whitepaper Series

PART 1: Design Considerations for Power PCB Relays

Relays are safety-relevant components that combine a wide variety of elements such as the drive, the contact set and the internal mechanical structure. In Part 1 of our whitepaper series you learn more about the right relay selection in order to find the optimal technical and commercial solution for your application.

PART 2: How Modern PCB Relays Can Be Soldered

Power PCB relays are usually THT solderable components. The relay is often the only component on the circuit board that cannot be assembled with the other components using the SMD soldering process. In the second part of our whitepaper series you can learn more about this technology and how modern PCB relays can be soldered together with the other SMD components in one step.

PART 3: Next Level of Miniaturization With New 10A & 16A Relays

In addition to the performance data of the coil, the contact system and the insulation, the size often makes the difference and plays the decisive role whether simple mechanical designs are possible or complex solutions have to be implemented because of the lack of space. In part 3 of our whitepaper series, we present a new miniature relay family that offers significant advantages compared to the long-established industry standards.


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