Infotainment & Audio

This image shows an infotainment system in a car.

Cars Are Getting More Digital

The classical car radio has long become a thing of the past. Today, the head unit is the command centre for a car's infotainment system. It contains modules that put different comfort and safety features at the driver's fingertips. The integrated CPU and the graphics components resemble a small computer, allowing for a central control of radio, navigation, multimedia, and Internet connectivity.

The driver receives all necessary information in sharp images on high-resolution displays, with touchscreen included whenever required. Connectivity features allow drivers to connect their phone to the vehicle. Digital sound systems with up to 48 channels deliver high-quality audio.


Our Expertise in the Area of Infotainment & Audio

The increasing demands on an infotainment system are presenting developers with ever more complex challenges. In addition to sophisticated software solutions, there is also an increasing trend toward miniaturisation. The more features and assemblies are integrated in a system, the higher the packing density. Therefore, wired components are only installed where an SMD solution is no longer possible. Size 1608 components or smaller are no longer uncommon. To meet the requirements of automotive manufacturers, CODICO complies with standards like IATF16949 and AEC-Q.

You are developing assemblies in the area of infotainment and audio and you are searching for the corresponding components? CODICO will accompany you and support you in the selection of the necessary components. Hybrid capacitors, class-D inductors, connectors and switching regulator ICs are just a few examples from our comprehensive product portfolio.