As one of the leading providers worldwide ISABELLENHUETTE produces first-class precision and power resistors in the field of low resistance load for various applications.

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High-Quality Precision and Power Resistors

ISABELLENHÜTTE is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electrical resistance and thermoelectric materials for temperature measurement and passive components in the automotive, electrical and electronics industries.

As one of the leading providers worldwide ISABELLENHÜTTE produces first-class precision and power resistors in the field of low resistance load for various applications. When it is about getting the most precisely measured results, in a minimum of space, they offer the perfect solution. Thanks to decades of experience and profound knowledge ISABELLENHÜTTE produces the highest quality precision resistors.

Highly durable precision resistors – products meet the highest requirements for temperature coefficient (TC), thermal EMF, long term stability, inductance and load capacity. Due to the fact that these properties are influenced by the resistance material as well as by type and technology, ISABELLENHÜTTE has developed two completely different manufacturing technologies: ISA-PLAN and ISA-WELD.

Manufacturing Technology ISA-PLAN

ISA-PLAN resistors are manufactured of MANGANIN or ZERANIN material, using etching technology. The material is electrically insulated and mounted on a metal substrate with good thermal conductivity. The shunts are predestinated for precision applications due to their extremely low thermoelectricity and their very high long-term stability. As a result the heat conduction into the substrate together with its high thermal capacity, provides excellent pulse and continuous power rating.

Manufacturing Technology ISA-WELD

ISA-WELD resistors are stamped from solid electron-beam welded composite materials consisting of copper in combination with one of our resistance alloys, e.g. MANGANIN, ZERANIN, ISAOHM, NOVENTIN or Aluchrom. This process is very flexible and offers a wide range of options in terms of both, design and production. The resistors can be adapted by means of stamping and bending to suit almost any shape and application. Further benefits are given by the comparably low input resistance of the copper terminals, their high thermal conductivity respectively their heat storage capacity and the resulting current density and heat dissipation within the shunt. ISA-WELD shunts are suitable for extremely low ohmic values (below 5mOhm). They are available as SMD- or bus bar assembly.

Quality Management and Certificates

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO TS16949 (AEC-Q200)
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 50001
  • IECQ-CECC (international quality rating system for electronic components)
  • ESA (European Space Agency)
  • DKD (German Calibration Service)

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