Telematics & Connectivity

This image shows a virtual telematic system.

Merging Telecommunication and Information Technology

Telematics is the fusion of mobile data exchange (telecommunication) and intelligent systems for processing these data (information technology). Telematics is also used to link at least two information systems with the help of a telecommunication system and a special data processing solution.

Today, the term is generally used to describe telematics solutions employed in fleet management systems. The success of a company that operates a vehicle fleet hinges on the efficient control of the fleet, the optimum use of the workforce, and the scheduling of machinery and equipment.

How Vehicle Telematics Works

A vehicle's black box collects data on its current location via GPS/GNSS and transmits these via radio signal. If necessary, these data can be further processed via a web portal. As a result, the company's head office maintains a constant overview of the movements and the condition of the vehicles, allowing it to plan the best possible routes, react quickly, and stay in permanent contact with the employees.

Vehicle telematics, however, is capable of much more than just displaying the position of a vehicle on a map using GPS/GNSS. In addition to the location, the data collected can include speed, idle time, strong acceleration or heavy braking, fuel consumption, or vehicle malfunctions. Today, there are practically no limits to the use of telematics systems.

Our Competence in Telematics & Connectivity

As a consequence of the growing network convergence, practically everyone is connected to everyone and everything with everything, anytime and everywhere. More and more devices around the world are connected to the Internet of Things (IoT). Meanwhile, new methods of transmitting location data are being constantly added to existing ones, such as LPWAN & NB-IoT (Cat M1, Cat-M0, NB IoT), or 5G.

CODICO will be happy to support you in implementing your design, so that you can always keep abreast of the challenges of this increasingly complex technology. We only choose high-quality components so as to guarantee maximum performance and reliability over the entire life cycle of the product. Our product portfolio offers a wide selection of positioning modules and chips, antennas, protection components, capacitors, quartz crystals, as well as connector and cable systems.