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Gateways Simplify Your IoT Journey

For small to mid-sized IoT applications, IoT gateways are a cost-effective and time saving alternative to the DIY approach. An IoT gateway is a physical device that connects sensors, IoT modules and smart devices to the cloud. IoT gateways also receive information from the cloud, sent back to devices to allow autonomous management of devices in the field.

Typical IoT applications for gateways include vending machines, digital signage, payment terminals, kiosks, ATMs and programmable logic controllers (PLC).

Save time on your development phase by using a plug and play gateway to your PoC (proof of concept) and accelerate time to market dramatically.

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Gateways Are Already Pre-Certified

We offer a range of simple and reliable plug-and-play Cinterion IoT gateways from THALES that greatly simplify your design and development process.

The gateways come pre-certified, which eliminates long and costly testing and approval processes, and they quickly connect to a wide variety of industrial applications straight from an out-of-the-box terminal.

IoT Gateways offer much of the flexibility of a custom module solution without the long development timelines. For smaller-scale applications, a partially pre-designed and pre-certified endpoint solution can result in significant savings, both in terms of costs and time.

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TELIT CINTERION connectivity solutions are at the heart of the IoT and modern digital transformation. TELITS CINTERION products are designed to deliver future-proof and reliable cellular connectivity while streamlining development time and speeding time to market. In collaboration with TELIT CINTERION, CODICO can deliver reliable, long life IoT connectivity to support our costumers' digital transformation.

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