This image shows a processor.

The Heart of Every Application

Today, processors are part and parcel of every application in all performance classes. When it comes to computing & AI, the performance requirements are enormous. In determining the necessary computing power, one needs not only to look at the application itself but also the software used. The latter will have a great impact on the selection of the required processor class. In most cases, the choice will fall on one of various Linux distributions, Android, or a proprietary operating system.  In numerous applications, one will not use the mere component, but will resort to a board-level product to significantly reduce time to market. Board-level products include, for instance, single-board computers, mini PCs, or system-on-modules (SOMs).

Processors and Their Environment

Because of size and complexity, a board design with a proper processor is a very costly matter, and requires a lot of expertise. Our team of experts will be happy to support you. Our portfolio covers components for the design of a custom board, as well as board-level products.

In addition to the processor as the core piece of the application, the design of a board also requires ESD protection elements, test and burn-in sockets, card edge connectors, card connectors and sockets, and antennas. Several designs also need additional Ethernet interfaces, or interface converters from PCI/PCIe and USB. Moreover, our product range also covers timing components and chip inductors.