Power Relays

This image shows a smart electricity meter measuring energy consumption.

The Optimal PCB Relay for Your Application

With switching currents from 3 to 200A, 1- and 2-pole contact configurations, mono- and bistable coil system and various mounting options, CODICO offers a wide range of power relays. We support you in finding the optimum relay solution for your application in:

  • Industry
  • Building technology 
  • White goods
  • Energy management like solar and wind energy
  • Smart metering
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In our high-quality whitepaper series you can learn more about the right relay selection to find the optimal technical and commercial solution for your application.

In the case of power relays for the use on PC boards, the range of applications extends to switching currents from 3 to 30A, in one-pole and two-pole versions and coil power with actuation values of between 170mW and 1.6 watts. The series of polarized bistable relays with single-coil or two-coil drive systems that range from 25 to 200A complete the portfolio. These relays are mainly used in electricity energy meters or charging devices. The connections are usually adjusted to the application.

If required, we will be happy to specify the right relay for you and, if necessary, help implement the customer-specific adaptations with our manufacturers.

Manufacturers & Contacts

The GOODSKY company logo.


GOODSKY Electric is a leading manufacturer of electromechanical relays for applications in white and brown goods, industry, telecommunications, and office automation, as well as in the automotive industry.

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Relays from SANYOU are used worldwide in the white and brown goods sector, industry, transport, automotive, IT, building technology, energy management, medical equipment, and much more besides.

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