8DEVICES was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania. It is a private holding company with now more than 110 employees. 8DEVICES focuses on the development and production of module solutions for Wi-Fi applications. Since 2016, they have been an official ADC (Authorized Design Center) partner of QUALCOMM with the license and experience to provide in-depth technical support for custom designs. In addition to Wi-Fi, 8DEVICES has also been offering PLC module solutions since 2022, all of which are also based on QUALCOMM technology.

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Key Facts

  • Founded in 2011
  • Headquarters in Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Privately held company
  • 110+ employees
  • QUALCOMM ADC since 2016
  • Main business areas: Radio and PLC Modules, R&D services, EMS services.
  • Key Technologies: Wi-Fi, PLC
  • Core competencies: HW & SW development, prototype & mass production, certifications, product and project management.

Wi-Fi Module Solutions

8DEVICES offers two different module solutions:

  • The so-called SOMs (System on Module) are modules that integrate RAM and Flash memory devices in addition to a Wi-Fi SoC device, with one or more integrated CPUs and numerous interfaces. This makes it possible to integrate the entire application on a single Wi-Fi module without the use of additional external logic, memory or interface components
  •  In contrast, the radio module solutions show a completely different approach. In these solutions, only radio chips are used as the main component, in which only the radio functions are implemented. In this approach, the TCP/IP stack and the actual customer-specific application run on the host processor provided by the customer. The PHY and MAC (layers 1 and 2), on the other hand, are covered by the radio module, which finds its connection to the host processor via USB, SDIO or PCIe. Drivers are provided free of charge via the Linux community.


PLC Module Solutions

In the PLC area, 8DEVICES develops modules and SOMs mainly for communication between electric vehicles and charging stations on behalf of and according to specifications from CODICO. These comply with the ISO 15118-3 standard. SOMs may additionally include the ISO 15118-2 and DIN 70121 software stack and their extensions such as Plug & Charge (PnC). Specially adapted development boards based on these modules and SOMs provide support during development.
The products from the PLC area are distributed worldwide exclusively by CODICO.


CODICO Offers Technical Support at Module and Chip Level

Since CODICO is also a distributor of QUALCOMM, we can offer technical support not only at the module level, but also at the chip level. This guarantees easy and fast communication throughout your evaluation and development phase. Our FAEs are highly experienced in dealing with all SW and HW related issues. No matter how complex your problem is, by working closely with the engineering team at QUALCOMM and 8DEVICES, we can solve any problem.

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An overview of the complete Wi-Fi product range can be found in the following product overview.


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