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The Journey Is the Reward

Passenger experience during a journey has been subject to constant improvement through innovative entertainment systems, more comfortable seats, and additional features such as lighting. Nowadays, passengers want to remain connected throughout their journey so they can flexibly choose how to spend their time. Key factors are high data rates and the availability of WiFi.

Apart from in-flight entertainment systems, the role of electronics is also becoming increasingly crucial in an aircraft's basic functions. Hydraulic drives are gradually being replaced by electrical systems. Power distribution is an essential function in these systems, so as to ensure a reliable and efficient operation.

Unmanned aerial vehicles such as drones also contain a multitude of electronic systems.

Challenges in the Area of Aerospace, Avionics and Railway

In civil aviation, engineers are striving to reduce the weight and cost of aircraft, while improving the safety, functionality, and passenger experience in a budget-conscious travel industry. New features such as an Ethernet network need to be integrated in a cost-efficient manner. In the space industry, the main challenges are linked to the unimaginably harsh environments, ranging from high loads during start to extreme conditions in outer space.  Each space vehicle must guarantee the highest level of reliability.

Environmental protection plays an equally important role as compliance with safety standards. Today, all materials used in rolling stock must meet the EN 45545-2 standard to achieve the maximum level of safety in case of fire.

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