This image shows a modern robot arm in an industrial environment.

The Industrial Revolution

Today's industrial environment is determined by flexibility and design agility. Lean production is not feasible without reliable machinery and components. Not only the technical possibilities of a solution are essential, the longevity of all components is equally important. In an industry 4.0 setting, industrial machinery such as welding and robot systems must constantly communicate with their environment.

Next to a stable and efficient production, plant safety is another vital aspect. In order to take environmental concerns into account, today's machines must generate a maximum output with the lowest amount of energy

Our Competence in Machinery

CODICO offers both standardised and customer-specific products according to UL/IEC to support your design and development requirements. Industrial and robot applications demand the toughest specifications: these range from high seal performance and resistance to chemicals, UV radiation, erosion and other wet conditions in manufacturing, to full shielding.

CODICO's machinery products reliably meet all requirements for industrial applications and can withstand the most demanding environments. In addition to hybrid signal and power connection solutions, our product range also includes semiconductor relays, fuses, and ESD protection components, as well as motors and controls.