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Designs for Electronics Supply With Mains Voltage

Apart from mobile units, the majority of today’s electronics are fed from AC voltage networks.

There is plenty of power available here, and all that is needed is to convert the AC into DC, direct current voltage. In this situation, the application purpose is the issue that decides whether the AC-DC converter requires a galvanic separation or not.

If the end device is encapsulated, and there are no further cables going out of it, then in most cases a non-isolated step-down converter (buck converter) is sufficient. These units only need a simple coil in order to couple energy from the primary side to the secondary side.

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We Offer Solutions for Converting AC Into DC Voltages

However, if the end device is accessible to touch, or if there are further cables coming from it, there is no way of avoiding an isolated solution. In most cases, in such a situation, an isolating converter topology (flyback converter) is used. This topology needs a transformer for the energy coupling, as well as a feedback about the state of the secondary side, by way of an isolated element, such as an optocoupler, or by way of an additional primary winding of the transformer. In the latter case, the state of the secondary side can be determined by the return voltage of the transformer.

Something all the approaches of the AC-DC converter design have in common is the method of chopping the AC current (in most cases 50Hz), and transferring the energy at higher frequency (mostly 60-130 kHz). This makes it possible to work with a perceptibly smaller converter. Guidelines both worldwide and local aimed at energy efficiency have largely done away with both the old 50Hz converters as well as the capacitor power units with degrees of efficiency of 25%, replacing them with AC-DC converter designs with 70-90% efficiency.

CODICO offers solutions for converting an AC voltage into one or more DC voltages via a complete power supply, ready-to-use module or integrated ICs and provides the support needed to make the customers’ concepts into successful reality, from advice in choosing the right topology and the modules required, to proposals for circuit arrangements, and on to analyses of the customers’ circuits. Long years of experience and close co-operation with leading manufacturers and hugely experienced R&D at our laboratory in Munich mean we can help customers with fast and effective design.

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Monolithic Power Systems, Inc. (MPS) is amongst the globally leading suppliers in the power-management area. The broad portfolio contains eg DC/DC-converters and -modules, PMICs, battery-management-ICs, current-sensors, AC/DC-converter-ICs, motordrivers as well as angle-sensors and, newly added, even inductors for the DC/DC-converters.  Target markets are mainly industrial, automotive, telecom-infrastructure, cloud-computing and consumer-applications.

Find here an overview of MPS DC DC Converter

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