Optical Track Sensor (OTS)

Calculating Movement

Optical Track Sensor (OTS) have a great surface detection capabilities. They calculated the movement, over a internal delta picture algorithm, the result is written in a register some sensor have additional the function to make the picture (low resolution) available in a register.

OTS products can be divided according to four key focuses: high accuracy, high speed, low power and wide coverage of surface materials. For instance, printers utilizing the accuracy-focused OTS products allow users to benefit from precise paper alignment that are required for professional business printing (as an example with lowest error rate of ±0.015mm over 25mm travel distance). Printers that are built for speed printing can use high-speed OTS products to reach a speed of as high as 150ips, with the capability to detect paper edges, materials and pictures at the same time.

OTS products with small form factor and low-power consuming are designed to play a core role in consumer applications (are able to reach a high 2000cpi resolution with merely 0.5mA of current consumption). In the realm of surface tracking, you under stud how important yet painstaking it is to allow service robots to detect and distinguish various surface materials while in motion, This OTS products must support wide surface-detection coverage which includes carpets, granite, tiles, wooden floor and highly glossy tiles.

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PIXART Imaging Inc. is a manufacturer of optical sensors with a wide range of sensors and diverse technologies for complex man-machine interface solutions, HMI applications and measurement and control systems.

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Joachim Strohschenk is product manager
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SUPERIOR SENSOR TECHNOLOGY was founded 2016 in the USA. The main goal is to provide easy to use and highly accurate pressure sensors. The sensors allow easy calibration to different pressure-ranges and offer long-term stability. With integration of intelligence and self-awareness into the sensors, the reliability of the complete system has increased even more.

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