Backplane Connectors

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For Bandwidths From 5 GB/s to 56 GB/s

Backplane connectors meet the increasing demand for higher bandwidths and data transmission rates. The bandwidths of backplane connectors range from 5 GB/s to 56 GB/s. Their high speed and scalability make them ideal for networking, communications, data equipment, industrial and instrumentation applications such as supercomputers, control units and medical devices.

As bandwidth requirements continue to increase, the challenge is to balance higher performance requirements with lower overall system costs. CODICO's wide range of high-performance backplane products helps to meet this challenge with solutions based on our long-time experience.

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AMPHENOL COMMUNICATIONS SOLUTIONS (ACS), a division of AMPHENOL CORPORATION, is a world leader in interconnect solutions for Communications, Mobile Consumer Products, RF, Optical, Broadband and Commercial electronics markets.

AMHENOL CORPORATION is one of the world’s largest designers and manufacturers of electrical, electronic and fiber optic connectors and interconnect systems, antennas, sensors and sensor-based products and coaxial and high-speed specialty cable.

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EPT’s core competencies lie in developing and producing connectors that rely on press-fit and soldering technology, as well as machines for processing and tools for press-fit technology. Innovative ideas for products and the first-rate production techniques enable ept to offer complete and comprehensive solutions from a single source.


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Christian Sichtar is product manager
Christian Sichtar +43 186 305-134 E-MAIL


NEXTRON is an expert in connection solutions with over 30 years of experience. With complete product lines, Nextron provide connectors, thermal solutions, backplane and subracks to meet your demand. Nextron deliver interconnection solutions for high speed, vibration-resistant, ruggedized, shockproof and waterproof requirements in MATIC (Medical, Aerospace, Transportation, Industry, Communication) fields.

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YAMAICHI ELECTRONICS was founded in 1956 in Tokyo. 1991 the company got main shareholder of Connector Service GmbH, which was rebranded to YAMAICHI ELECTRONICS Germany GmbH in 1993. Since then both firms are working in tight cooperation, which enables them to use both manufacturing plants and development centres in Asia and Germany.

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Christian Sichtar is product manager
Christian Sichtar +43 186 305-134 E-MAIL


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