Heating & Cooling

This image shows a man who controls the temperature to save energy.

Higher Comfort, Lower Costs

Intelligent heating and cooling solutions not only bring benefits in terms of easier operation, but also the comfortable option of controlling these systems remotely when not at home.  At the same time, these intelligent functions can help save energy.

Once connected to the Internet, these systems can be comfortably controlled and monitored via smartphone or tablet, either from home or on the go. Subsequently, this function can be extended to the manufacturer or the responsible heating installer for remote maintenance or troubleshooting.

Such intelligent systems must be as compact, maintenance-free, and durable as possible. CODICO's product portfolio thus offers reliable and miniaturised solutions.

Our Competence in the Area of Heating & Cooling

We work closely together with our partners to develop technically and commercially ideal solutions for your products. In addition, we will regularly inform you on the latest trends and will support you with our know how on the state of the art. For example, we will help you choose the right relay or capacitor technology.

and we can offer application-oriented advice in the area of power supplies. Next to inrush current limiters, fuses, and AD/DC converters, our portfolio also includes brushless DC motors and shunt resistors. Together with our linecard partners, we are in a position to offer you an optimised solution approach in the area of active and passive components and interconnect systems. Contact our engineers and tell them about your requirements!