CODICO Whistleblower Reporting Tool

The protection of whistleblowers is important to us. If you are an employee, applicant, customer or supplier and you have information about specific legal violations in the following areas, you can submit a report to us:

  • Public procurement
  • Prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing
  • Product safety and conformity
  • Traffic safety
  • Environmental protection, radiation protection, and nuclear safety
  • Public health
  • Consumer protection
  • Privacy and personal data protection
  • Security of networks and information systems
  • Prevention and prosecution of offenses under §§ 302 to 309 of the Criminal Code (StGB) (such as abuse of office, bribery, and corruption)

To protect whistleblowers, this reporting platform has been established, which also ensures anonymous reporting if desired. Please note that with an anonymous report, no acknowledgment of receipt and feedback is possible.



*If these fields remain empty, your submission is anonymous.