Logistics Center

CODICO warehouse handling area.

Upscaling our Logistics Center

For more than 40 years, CODICO has been at home in Perchtoldsdorf, in the heart of Europe. In 2020 the family company enlarged its site by creating a 10.000m² large recreational park for its employees, and upscaling the logistics centre, thus accommodating the company’s recent growth.

CODICO’s new state-of-the-art warehouse, which was opened in March 2020, is able to triple its current capacity thanks to the enlargement of the small parts and pallet warehouse and the handling areas. The new CODICO warehouse, which features a markedly higher level of automation and a conveyor technology, has been enlarged from 2,140m² to a size of approximately 5,000m². The loading yard was newly created and the yard management was integrated into the warehouse logistics processes. This significantly increases the service level and makes CODICO fit for further success in the future.

All of our logistics workflows and processes – from the receipt of goods to the dispatching of orders - are electronically supported and automated to the full extent possible.

Pallet Warehouse and Fully Automated Small Parts Warehouse

The world is moving faster and so is CODICO. Our warehouse team moves up to 20 tons of goods per day. The warehouse is divided into a pallet warehouse with a total height of 14 meters and a capacity of about 3,000 pallets and a fully automated small parts warehouse, which features the heart of the facility. The latter has in the first expansion stage a capacity of 25,704 trays. A "shuttle system" is used to transport the pallets between goods receipt, pallet warehouse, cross-docking warehouse and packaging. Our warehouse management software manages the orders for forklift drivers, shuttle pilots and the small parts warehouse and coordinates them so that all partial quantities of an order arrive in the packaging at the right time.

In the fully automated small parts warehouse two aisles are currently in operation. The two robots J.A.R.V.I.S. and BRAVE bring the goods fully automatically from the warehouse to the picking or directly to the packaging area. As a result it takes us only a maximum of 30 seconds to retrieve the requested goods and deliver them to the processing area. Since, depending on the customer agreement, product data is now already recorded during storage, the traceability of goods is significantly increased and the packaging is greatly relieved.

In the small parts warehouse, a third aisle has been prepared for the next stage of expansion, and there is still sufficient space available for a new pallet warehouse and an enlarged loading yard. The ample space available for receiving and issuing goods and for consigning shipments, also enables us to reduce stock turnaround times.

The robot BRAVE brings the goods fully automatically from the warehouse to the picking or directly to the packaging area.

Logistics-HUB in Hong Kong

Since 2009 CODICO has also operated a logistics HUB in Hong Kong. As a result we can provide even better service to clients, who have outsourced their production to Asia. 

Thanks to our optimized logistics concepts, that we also tailor to our customers' requirements, we are the specialist for precise, on time deliveries. Find out more about our comprehensive logistics solutions

Our Logistics Partners

We work together with the world’s leading logistics providers such as Dachser, Johann Weiss, Cargo Partner, TNT or DHL. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can use the regional strengths of the respective logistics provider to ensure that the goods you have ordered reach you on time and in perfect condition.

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Exterior view of the CODICO logistics center.

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