RF Modules

868 MHz (900 MHz) and 2,4 GHz, 5,7 GHz RF-Modules

RF modules enabling quick and inexpensive wireless connectivity of electronic devices across a broad range of applications. This modules, and gateways, provide cost-effective wireless connectivity for short-range applications.

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Three ITU Regions

  • Region 1 comprises Europe, Africa, the Middle East west of the Persian Gulf including Iraq, the former Soviet Union and Mongolia.
  • Region 2 covers the Americas, Greenland and some of the eastern Pacific Islands.
  • Region 3 contains most of non-former-Soviet-Union Asia, east of and including Iran, and most of Oceania.
  • 868 MHz  Region 1
  • 900 MHz  Region 2
  • 2.4 GHz  harmonized Worldwide
  • 5.7 GHz  harmonized Worldwide

2.4 GHz ISM band: Bluetooth, WiFi ( IEEE 802.11 ), up to various other wireless technologies such as ZigBee, IEEE 802.15.4 and WirelessHART and also proprietary radio links share this band.


Digi Embedded RF-Modules:

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DIGI International was founded in 1985. The company offers embedded modules & SBCs, RF modules and wireless design services, as well as routers, gateways and network products (BOX products). Furthermore a Cloud Service (Digi-Cloud-Software) is offered.

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Joachim Strohschenk is product manager
Joachim Strohschenk +49 89 1301438-17 E-MAIL

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  1. Digi XB3-24Z8CM
    Wireless Modules XB3-24Z8CM-J
    Free Sample
  2. Digi XKA2C-Z7T Series
    Wireless Modules XKA2C-Z7T-W
    Free Sample
  3. Digi XBIB-U-SS
    Wireless Modules XBIB-U-SS
    Free Sample
  4. Digi - XBee-S1 XBP24-AWI-001
    Wireless Modules XB24-AWI-001
    Free Sample
  5. image_252
    Bluetooth Modules OSB DA14585
    Free Sample
  6. image_276
    Bluetooth Modules OSB Eval-Board DA14585
  7. digi_xbee-868-devkit_lg
    RF Modules XK8-DMS-0
    Free Sample
  8. image_327
    RF Modules XB8-DMPS-002
    Free Sample
  9. image_325
    RF Modules XB24-API-001
    Free Sample
  10. image_326
    RF Modules XB24-AUI-001
    Free Sample
  11. image_66
    RF Modules XBP24-AWI-001
  12. digi_xb24cz7pis-004_3
    RF Modules XB24CZ7PIS-004
    Free Sample

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