SYNAPTICS is a semiconductor manufacturer of IoT, AI and human-machine interface products based in Santa Clara, California. SYNAPTICS has many years of experience in audio/video, wireless connectivity, displays, voice recognition, touch pad modules, fingerprint sensors and embedded AI processors.

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Products for the IoT, AI and Human-Machine Interface Market

Astra SW Framework for AI Functions

SYNAPTICS launched its Astra SW Framework on the market in April 2024. With this SW framework, AI functions can be quickly realised on the current Yocto-Linux based SL16x0 members. The SL family has integrated 4-core Cortex A73, GPU and NPU and is suitable for applications in the smart city, smart building or IoT environment. The Astra SW is freely accessible via Github.

Embedded Processors for IoT Applications

SYNAPTICS is intensifying its focus on IoT applications. The first processor series, the SL16x0 series, is now available. This runs on the embedded Linux system Yocto. There are currently 3 members in production, which differ in terms of quad arm core performance, NPU and GPU as well as the possible interfaces. The idea of the series is to bring together audio, video, wireless technologies and AI functions as a platform in smart city, smart building or smart home applications. SYNAPTICS offers the Astra SW Framework for this purpose, which is freely accessible via github. This makes it possible to create a system with object recognition, for example, in a very short time. The Astra Machina development kit is another helpful tool as a ready-to-use computer system.

Wireless Technologies for High-Quality IoT, AI and MMI Products

In recent years, SYNAPTICS has accelerated its product developments for the IoT market. There is now an extensive portfolio of wireless technologies.

  • Wifi-BT: Wifi Radio 1x1 and 2x2, Wifi4, Wifi5, Wifi6, Wifi6E, Wifi7 solutions are in development, BT5.3 is supported in the latest versions.
  • GNSS Level1-Level 5
  • DECT ULE: ICs and modules for use in smart home applications, audio and telephone, or for control in industry applications
  • Thread, Zigbee: for smart home, building

Video Interfaces

DisplayLink has been part of SYNAPTICS since 2022. The ICs allow displays to be easily connected to PCs via USB. USB is simple, that's why every device has a USB port: Your PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet, Chromebook. DisplayLink USB Graphics utilises this universal connector to enable docking and graphics across a wide range of platforms. This makes docking as easy as any other USB device. DisplayLink has a range of devices that support different technology requirements, from USB2 to USB3, Ethernet and a wide range of monitor resolutions from HD (1920x1080) to UHD (3840x2160), Cinema 4K (4096x2160) and 5K (5120x2880). DisplayLink devices support all common monitor interfaces such as VGA, DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort (DP). The DisplayLink ICs are also distributed by CODICO.

High-Quality Audio Products

In July 2017, Conexant Systems was acquired by SYNAPTICS, a leading specialist for IC solutions in the field of human interfaces. This strategic acquisition gave SYNAPTICS access to the development and production of ASSP (Applicatin Specific Standard Product). The signal processing is realised by DSPs (Digital Signal Processor), whose algorithms are pre-programmed in the internal ROM and whose versions are adapted by customer-specific parameterisation. In terms of signal quality, high-resolution ADCs and DACs allow uncompromising integration into analogue systems where the highest voice and audio quality is required.

In addition to the converters, the integrated Class-D output amplifiers allow BOM costs to be further reduced. A graphical development interface supports simple and fast parameterisation of the components at block diagram level. The user can completely dispense with programming source code.

As a former distribution partner of Conexant, CODICO continues the partnership with SYNAPTICS for the following audio products:

  • Audio processors with integrated high-resolution, fast and parallel ADCs/DACs and DSPs for the calculation of Far Field, AEC (Acoustic Echo Cancellation), AGC (Automatic Gain Control), EQ (Equaliser) and many other audio algorithms for crystal clear audio processing and voice transmission.
  • Ultra Low Power Codecs with integrated Class D amplifiers, which can double the volume of even very small loudspeakers thanks to dynamically controlled volume control.
  • Far-field ADCs with 106dB dynamic range, which allows the use of high-SNR microphones in demanding speech systems.

Multimedia Processors

SYNAPTICS' multimedia processors are optimised for use in set-top boxes and smart home gateways. Other applications include streaming devices, soundbars, cameras and intelligent displays.

VideoSmart series SoCs by SYNAPTICS include CPUs with a performance of up to 40,000 DMIPS, gaming-grade GPUs as well as voice and neural network processing units. These powerful solutions combine a CPU, NPU and GPU in a single SoC. SYNAPTICS provides an SDK with extensive SW functions.

Radio Modules

In addition to IC solutions, CODICO also offers module solutions based on SYNAPTICS chips, such as Wifi/BT modules from AMPAK.

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