Telematics & Tracking

This image shows a virtual telematic system.

To Collect Diverse Types of Data

There is no getting around the digital transformation in the future. One essential area that companies cannot afford to ignore in their digital transformation is telematics & tracking.

In contrast to automation & control, where data collection, processing and presentation is done on site, data in telematics are fully or in part processed elsewhere. Telematics is also used as a means of linking at least two information systems with the help of a telecommunication system and a special data processing solution.

It is possible to collect the most diverse types of data. In addition to location using GPS/GNSS positioning, it is also possible to record data on fuel level, idle time, or various error messages.  

Advantages of Telematics & Tracking Systems

Regardless of whether they are transferred wirelessly or via cable, the data are processed and displayed with the recipient after transmission. After analysing the data, the system will often automatically trigger further action, e.g. by sending messages or controlling the devices remotely.

Using telematics & tracking systems, it is possible to quickly determine the position of equipment and machinery that change location on a daily basis and send them to the right place of deployment. Moreover, automatic messages in case of unauthorised movement of the equipment can protect against theft, e.g. by disabling machinery via the remote maintenance function.

Our Competence in Telematics & Tracking

CODICO will be happy to support you in implementing your design. We only choose high-quality components so as to guarantee maximum performance and reliability over the entire life cycle of your product. Our portfolio offers a wide selection of positioning modules, Wi-Fi modules, antennas, protection components, capacitors, quartz crystals, as well as connectors and cable assemblies.