Security & Safety

This image shows a security camera.

Better Safe Than Sorry

The field of security & safety no longer deals just with core areas such as access control and surveillance, but has moved toward adopting holistic security solutions. Access control can be achieved by means of electronic keys, but it can also be implemented with biometric sensors or via smartphone. Another often-used term is "surveillance", which should be replaced with the wider concept of "security and safety" instead. This is because, in addition to surveillance, security and safety can be enhanced in particular through the proper use of sensors. The latter are not limited to the conventional smoke detector, but include all those sensors designed to help answer the following questions:

  • Is someone in the room, and who is this person?
  • Where in the room is this person?
  • Is this person still breathing?

In this respect, the area of security & safety is closely interwoven with the concept of the smart home.

The Challenging Task of Security & Safety

The challenge of highly complex systems lies in the interoperability of sensors and actuators, and the communication between these. Inherent risks can be identified not only in their communication but also in the information exchange with the outside world for the purpose of controlling and monitoring the system through all its interfaces. At the same time, it is imperative to prevent unauthorised access not only to the building or a section of it, but also to the system, i.e. to the sensors or actuators themselves.


The field of security and safety applications ranges from single-family homes and hotels or business premises to production and storage facilities. CODICO will support your design with the suitable development kits and offers a comprehensive portfolio of sensors, human-machine interfaces (HMI), and connectivity and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions.