This image shows the powertrain of a car.

Innovate the Heart of Every Vehicle

The powertrain with its diverse components is the heart of every vehicle, whether it is a vehicle with an internal combustion engine or an electric vehicle. The powertrain includes a variety of subsystems such as engine control units (ECU), transmission control systems, suspension control systems, pumps, fans, inverters, drives and everything related to the movement of the vehicle. Innovations are needed in all areas to make drives and components more efficient, save resources and reduce emissions.

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Our Powertrain Expertise

In the automotive industry, the powertrain is the component with the highest requirements in terms of temperature and mechanical shocks. In most cases, the subsystems are located in the motor compartment or very close to the transmission system. The component selection is crucial to meet the requirements of the Automotive Electronics Council (AEC) and to ensure the long-term functionality and safety of the systems.

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