Connectors with Passive Cooling

Connectors with passive cooling on blue background.

Cost-Efficient and Space-Saving

Connectors with passive cooling have a decisive advantage: thermal management is carried out directly at the connector and is therefore cost-efficient and space-saving. For optimal thermal performance, an integrated heat sink is provided on the module side. The cooling lamellas require no maintenance and are available in different configurations to maximize heat dissipation. The shape of the heat sinks and heat pipes can be customized. These features are best suited for use in high-speed serial applications.

CODICO’s product portfolio includes a wide range of high-quality solutions for the entire spectrum of computer system markets, from data centers and wireless infrastructure to supercomputers.

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NEXTRON is an expert in connection solutions with over 30 years of experience. With complete product lines, Nextron provide connectors, thermal solutions, backplane and subracks to meet your demand. Nextron deliver interconnection solutions for high speed, vibration-resistant, ruggedized, shockproof and waterproof requirements in MATIC (Medical, Aerospace, Transportation, Industry, Communication) fields.

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