High-Accuracy Battery Monitor and Protector with Coulomb Counting

A Robust Battery Management Device

The MP2797 is a robust battery management device, providing a complete analog front-end (AFE) monitoring and protection solution. It is designed for multiple-cell series battery management systems (BMS).

Two Separate Analog-To-Digital Converters

The MP2797 integrates two separate analog-to-digital converters (ADCs). The first ADC measures each channel’s differential cell voltages (up to 16 channels), die temperature, and 4-channel temperature via an external NTC thermistor. The second ADC measures the charge/discharge current via an external current-sense resistor.

To dampen voltage peaks, a so-called RC snubber shunt can be used to dissipate the excess energy to the outside.

The SMT-V is capable of absorbing a pulse energy of 2.5J with a pulse duration of 0.1s at a contact point temperature of 120°C and a number of 50 pulses over a lifetime with a corresponding gap time. This corresponds to a power loss per pulse of 25W. Figure 1 shows an illustration of a snubber posture. The SMT-V has an ohmic resistance of 17.5mOhm and size 2512. Samples can be ordered now.

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