Power Management ICs

This image shows a man holding a flash, which stands for power management.

Indispensable Basis of Every Circuit

Even though the power supply is considered as one of the last steps in a product development in electronics, it it is ultimately the indispensable basis of every electric circuit. Power management ensures that each IC will get the correct voltage with necessary current. Usually it is necessary to convert from an existing voltage at the input of the system to the required voltages needed inside the system.

The aim of nearly any power supply design is to generate minimal power dissipation and thus increase system efficiency. A wide spectrum of power management ICs is possible, ranging from LDO (Low Dropout Regulator), to switched step-down and step-up regulators and AC-ipowered fly-back regulators. All toplogies can be either voltage or current controlled. Current control is essencial for e.g. battery charging and LED lighting applications.

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We Offer Complete Power Management Solutions

CODICO has been working successfully with manufacturers of power management solutions for many years, supporting designs by providing advice on component selection, circuit proposals, reference design kits, and circuit analysis, from the concept phase through to production.

Specialized field application engineers (FAE), a design laboratory in our Munich office and modern, sophisticated logistics help our customers to implement power management concepts as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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The offerings of the fabless semiconductor supplier are as follows: Embedded Ethernet, EtherCAT, Industrial Ethernet, Superspeed USB-to-LAN, Embedded Networks and I/O Connectivity products from company Zywyn.

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Monolithic Power Systems, Inc. (MPS) is amongst the globally leading suppliers in the power-management area. The broad portfolio contains eg DC/DC-converters and -modules, PMICs, battery-management-ICs, current-sensors, AC/DC-converter-ICs, motordrivers as well as angle-sensors and, newly added, even inductors for the DC/DC-converters.  Target markets are mainly industrial, automotive, telecom-infrastructure, cloud-computing and consumer-applications.

Find here an overview of MPS DC DC Converter

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SILVER TELECOM specialises on developing miniaturized electronic modules. SILVERTEL's product portfolio includes Power over Ethernet acc. to IEEE802.3at/af and IEEE802.3bt, Telephony interfaces, wireless chargers (Qi), LED drivers and battery charging controllers.

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TOREX Semiconductor was founded in 1995 as a semiconductor company. The company is a leading supplier of special CMOS power management ICs for battery-based and energy-efficient applications. Especially through this analogue CMOS technology, DC/DC converters and LDO voltage regulators are the core areas of the product range. These are complemented by Voltage Supervisors, Battery Charger IC, Load Switches, Power MOSFETs & Schottky Barrier Diodes. TOREX and CODICO have been working together since 2005.

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