Environmental Protection

Environment and Efficiency

Our processes are designed as efficient and energy-saving as possible. We reduce the environmental impact, through worldwide consolidated shipments from our manufacturers by ship, as well as through weekly collective consignments to our customers. CODICO strives to ensure that goods arrive in perfect condition, which is why we take precautions to pack them accordingly. Moreover, we use pad-pack-paper as filling material and according to an agreement returnable packaging can be used.

Environment and Design

Our office and logistics building are constructed and furnished under consideration of environmental aspects – such as an energy-efficient cooling system, use of energy-saving lamps and devices as well as reduction of electro smog. Our waste management concept includes information on the expected waste, as well as operational measures for the avoidance, recycling and disposal of waste and is regularly reviewed from our Waste Manager. As CODICO is located directly at a main train route, our employees have the possibility to use public transport.

Environment and Waste

As a commercial enterprise, CODICO realizes its environmental goals not only by avoiding all unnecessary waste, but also through our active in-house waste separation effort, including collecting and returning paper waste to dispose it at our cost. CODICO is a contractual partner of ARA (Altstoff Recycling Austria AG).


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