Growth as an Opportunity

2019-12-19  CODICO News  
CODICO expands its office spaces, creats a recreational park for its employees, and upscales the logistic centre

CODICO is expanding its headquarters in Perchtoldsdorf

CODICO has been at home in Perchtoldsdorf for over 40 years. In 2019, the family company will be enlarging its site by expanding the office spaces, creating a recreational park for its employees, and upscaling the logistics centre, thus accommodating the company’s recent growth.

CODICO was founded by Dr. Heinrich Hawlik in 1977, with the aim of conquering the world of electronics from Perchtoldsdorf. What began at a small scale is now a full-blown reality. The positive and continuous upward trend required an enlargement of the office and storage areas several times in the past. First, the growing company occupied a small office building in 1984, and then moved into its own office building in close proximity to the current site in 1991. The leap to the current address was taken in 2007.

Growth as an opportunity

In addition to its headquarters, CODICO also operates competence centres in Italy, Germany, and Sweden, and has a total of 42 offices spread throughout Europe. »But our heart beats right here in Perchtoldsdorf. This is where we have our head office, where our management is based, and here lies our logistics centre, from where we supply the entire world«, explains CODICO CEO Sven Krumpel.

The company almost doubled its turnover in the last five years. In order to continue enhancing the level of service and to boost its capacities, CODICO now needs to make a significant investment in its logistics centre, allowing it to treble its current capacity. The new, 5,000m2 CODICO warehouse will feature a markedly higher level of automation and a conveyor technology, rendering the company fit for further success in the future.

Work-life balance as a motivation factor

The refurbishment of the company’s headquarters also provides an opportunity to offer CODICO’s employees something probably unique in Austria. In today's work environment, work-life balance is an essential motivation factor – the aim is to offer a setting that helps reconcile professional and private life. For this reason, CODICO decided to take a progressive approach: by the end of the year, the company will create a 10,000m² recreational park for its employees on an adjacent empty plot. The park will offer sports facilities and space for relaxed get-togethers, and the company will plant numerous fruit and vegetable varieties as part of a Corporate Farming Project, so that the staff can directly provide themselves with fresh produce during the breaks.

For Sven Krumpel, this refurbishment is not just a necessity brought about by the company’s international growth. It’s actually more of an opportunity. »Everybody should feel comfortable in our office. We want to be an employer who creates an attractive environment that meets society’s needs and encourages everyone to come and work with us for the long term!« At its headquarters in Perchtoldsdorf, CODICO currently employs a workforce of 110 in a space measuring approx. 2,000m². After the refurbishment (at an estimated investment of 17 million euros), the office space will grow to approx. 3,700m², with the number of staff required rising to 205.

For the sake of sustainability

For Sven Krumpel, a fundamental condition for this project are environmental protection and sustainability issues, and these played an essential role in its implementation. The office and logistics building were erected and equipped taking environmental aspects into consideration, such as an energy-efficient cooling system, the use of LED technology and energy-efficient machinery, and the reduction of electromagnetic smog. In addition, CODICO applies a special waste management concept and introduced operational measures for waste avoidance, recycling, and disposal. Since the company site is located directly at the southern railway line, employees can use public transport as an alternative means of mobility.

This refurbishing project will bestow CODICO with a state-of-the-art logistics centre to drive international growth further forward. Moreover, it will help create numerous new jobs. CODICO is putting all its commitment and energy into readying the company for future success!


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