»Central Park« in Perchtoldsdorf

2020-06-29  CODICO News  
A 12,000m² sports and recreational park with an integrated corporate farming concept.

Sports & recreational park with corporate farming concept

Since last summer, heavy excavators have been rolling across the field on the west side of the CODICO building. Now hills are being piled up and paths are laid where, just a while ago, crops were farmed under strict organic criteria. Later, a pond was dug by the landscapers and countless trees and bushes were planted. As already reported, we are not only enlarging our office and warehouse space, we've also seized the opportunity to create something unique, the »CODICO Central Park«. In today's professional environment, work-life-balance is an essential motivation factor, so CODICO decided to take a new, innovative approach in this respect. A 12,000m² sports and recreational park with an integrated corporate farming concept will be built on an empty plot adjacent to the CODICO building.

»Those who sow flowers for others, they themselves will bloom«. The Central Park is not only meant as a place of calmness and relaxation, it will most of all provide a healthy living space for people, plants, and animals, thus reflecting the core values of our family business.

We assume responsibility!

We are also planning a corporate farming project, which will give green-thumbed staff members the opportunity to get their hands dirty whenever they feel like it. We want to harvest our first fruits, berries, and vegetables as early as this year. In implementing the project, we decided from the very beginning that we would not beusing any chemical or synthetic pesticides, fertilisers, or peat.

We are dynamic!

As a modern company, we want to enable our staff to move work outside the office by creating an outdoor working space. Moreover, we put in place the conditions for working outdoors by providing the necessary technical infrastructure.

We embrace family values!

In addition to sports and fitness facilities, the park will also offer space for relaxed get-togethers. Our staff members will have the opportunity to practice in a dedicated yoga space, compete with each other on the pétanque grounds, or just relax next to the ornamental pond. Moreover, the said get-togethers are not exclusive for members of the CODICO team, the families of our staff are also welcome!


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