The new FunctionMAX Series by HIROSE

The FunctionMAX Floating Board-to-Board Connectors can handle high current ratings and high-speed transmission.

Floating Board-to-Board Connectors

HIROSE introduced the FunctionMAX family to meet the requirements for floating connectors that can handle high current ratings and high-speed transmission. These series possess unique features of floating functions to meet requirements of various industrial applications. Ideal applications are industrial equipment, POS terminals, medical devices, servo motors and PLC. FunctionMAX has a strong presence in the automotive field and recommended for use in powertrain, infotainment systems and ADAS.

Floating function

Floating connections correct alignment issues due to assembly errors. The floating structure offers a degree of "play" between the contacts during mating and allows the connector to absorb alignment errors. Common connectors can only be used if center lines are perfectly aligned. Floating connectors can be used even when center lines are not perfectly aligned with each other. The structure allows movement of moveable parts using the spring force of the terminal.

Benefits of the floating function

  • Multiple floating connectors can be used on the same PCB.
  • Floating connectors contribute to the device design by absorbing assembly errors and help to reduce the need for corrective re-work operations.
  • Spring portion of the terminal absorbs stress imparted by alignment errors. This reduces the stress applied to the mounted parts. This also enhances reliability and prevents solder cracking.

High-speed transmission

HIROSE's Board-To-Board connectors meet high-speed communication needs with their excellent performance and structure. The requirement for connections needing higher and faster data transfer rates has significantly increased and includes applications for tele-communications, automotive, factory automation and medical devices.

FunctionMAX high-speed connectors are designed on a differential transmission system and offers excellent noise resistance and high-speed signal transmission. The connectors are designed to have the lowest crosstalk and best impedance matching yielding market excellence in return loss performance.

Product lines

FX20 Series

  • 0.5mm Pitch
  • FX20 is the first floating connector series developed at HIROSE.
  • With the high contact reliability, independent two-point contact design, it meets severe industrial and automotive requirements.
  • Current capacity: 0.5A/pin

FX23/FX23L Series

  • 0.5mm Pitch
  • This series achieves two functions in one connector: floating function and high-speed transmission up to 8Gbps.
  • It saves space by incorporating a power hybrid design. 
  • FX23/FX23L series can withstand temperature ranges of up to 105°C.
  • Current capacity: Signal contact 0.5A/pin, power contact 3A/pin

FX27 Series

  • 0.8mm Pitch
  • Added floating function and high-speed transmission capability to this card edge connector.
  • As an interface between top and bottom boards, it can be also used as a stacking connector.
  • Stacking height, wiring and component mounting are customizable.
  • High-speed Transmission: 2.5Gbps (PCle-Gen.1)

FX30B Series

  • 3.81mm Pitch and 7.62mm Pitch
  • Developed for power sources.
  • Features a special misalignment absorbing design similar to floating connectors.
  • UL/C-UL and TÜV compliant
  • Current Capacity: 13~25A/pin

FX26 Series

  • 1mm pitch
  • Durable Board-to-Board connector suitable for Powertrain Connection.
  • Designed to withstand operating temperatures up to 140°C and vibration conditions. Mating possible even with misalignment in XY and Z direction.
  • Rated current: 5A (Mono-pole power supply)/ 2A (24 contacts)

For more information please contact Julia Reiterer.


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