How to use Hybrid Capacitors

2020-06-29  Passive Components   
CODICO is able to offer suitables hybrid capacitors solutions even for extremely demanding applications

In extremely demanding applications

What if your mission profile is so demanding that a hybrid capacitor’s standard temperature range and ripple current capability is still not enough- even despite allowed overloading? CODICO is able to offer a solution also for such requirements.

There might be application requirements, where 125°C hybrid capacitors or versions with a ripple current capability reach their limites, despite allowed overloading. By using special materials our suppliers have developed items for extremely harsh environmental and electrical conditions. There is also a possibility to offer customized parts fitting exactly the circuit’s need.

FVF-Series from SUN

One of those very outstanding products is FVF-series from SUN. This capacitor has a guaranteed lifetime of 4.000hrs at 150°C and full ripple current capability, which is between 950 and 1.750mArms@150°C/100kHz.

  • Voltage range: 25 to 63V
  • Capacitance range: 82 to 560µF
  • Dimensions: 10x10.5 to 10x13.8mm

Of course our product portfolio offers also something in between 135°C and 145°C rated items.

PSV-Series from RUBYCON

Another outstanding product is PSV-series from RUBYCON. Due to RUBYCON’s original structure, PSV offers extremely high ripple current capability, from 1.650mA to over 5.500mA.

  • Rated Ripple Current @135°C/100kHz: 1.650 to
  • Rated Ripple Current @125°C/100kHz: 2.160 to 3.930mArms
  • Permissible Ripple Current: 3.060 to
  • Voltage range: 25V to 63V
  • Capacitance range: 33 to 330µF
  • Dimensions: 8x10.5 to 10x10.5mm (SMD) / 8x9 to 10x9mm (THT)

We support you in the selection of the best fitting capacitor

Our design-in goal is to support engineers to select the best fitting capacitor solution for the application - high quality with enough margin but avoiding cost intensive over-specification. Let us know your mission profile and we, as team with our suppliers, can offer detailed lifetime calculations tailored to your application. In case your device is exposed to strong vibrations there are versions with a special socket available as well, improved fixing of the aluminum can. Furthermore additional solder pads are supporting the strength against vibration.

For more information please contact Yasunobu Ikonu or Roland Trimmel.


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