DINKLE BUS Housingsystem

DINKLE's BUS Housingsystem offers new module widths for even more flexibility for IoT and Industry 4.0 applications

New module widths for even more flexibility

In addition to the extremely compact housing widths of 12mm and 20mm DINKLE is now offering 40mm and 60mm versions for additional electronics installation space. The new standard widths offer sufficient space to accommodate capacitors, relays or other high electronic components on the PCB.

Modern housings have to be flexible

Modern housings for future-oriented IoT and Industry 4.0 applications do not have to be only functional, but at least as flexible as the electronics they contain. The modular DINKLE BUS system with side-by-side enclosures already set innovative accents with its unique bus system and state-of-the-art LED operation display, when it was introduced to the market about 5 years ago. In order to be able to pack as much electronics as possible into the housings, the series has now been extended by further options.

All enclosures can be supplied with pre-determined interfaces or a closed lid to allow individual assembly by reworking with holes, cut-outs and apertures. Optionally, a mini-USB connector is now available on the side of the housing to allow fast and efficient programming of the electronics.

Technology of the DINKLE BUS system

The heart of the DINKLE BUS system is an innovative busbar consisting of 8 gold-plated contact profiles which can be integrated into all common TS-35 standard rails and connects the electronics housings by means of a patented bus connector. Standard lengths as well as customer-specific lengths up to max. 1,000mm are available. Accessories available include a wide range of different terminal connectors, power supply modules, marking material for clear designation of the LED displays and expansion connectors for extending the bus plates.

The excelling features of DINKLE’s bus housings are:

  • Housing widths from 12mm for space-critical applications and up to 60mm for additional electronics installation space
  • Integration of the latest communication interfaces for IoT („Internet Of Things“) and Industry 4.0 (z.B. RJ45, SUB-D, Mini-USB, W-LAN antennas,…)
  • Save time and money with fast wiring thanks to tool-free push-in connections
  • Optical LED-displays on the terminal blocks indicate the operational status.
  • Safe connection of the power supply including reverse-pole protection with a patented bus connector plus grounding contact

Our Sample Shop stocks selected DINKLE BUS products to give you the best possible support for your product design. If you need a new design or redesign, please contact Christian Sichtar.


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