THB-X2 Film Capacitors by PANASONIC

2020-07-27  Passive Components   PANASONIC
THB-X2 Film Capacitors by PANASONIC with wider capacitance range

AEC-Q200 certified and with wider capacitance range

PANASONIC Industry has extended the capacitance range of THB-X2-capacitors. The ECQUA-series (Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors) benefits from PANASONIC’s original in-house patterned metallization process with fuse mechanism function. This unique technology provides a stable capacitance level over the product lifetime and therefore guarantees a higher reliability of the application. The industrial version has available small values starting from 8,2nF. Values from 100nF to 1µF offer a THB test reliability of 1000hrs/85°C/85%RH/240Vac, the other values are tested for 500hrs at 85°C/85%RH/275Vac.

The high humidity resistance certified film capacitors of ECQUA-series from PANASONIC Industry now provides high capacitances of up to 10µF. The lowest value of the AEC-Q200 certified automotive version is 100nF. The capacitors are all 1000hrs 85°C/85%RH/240VAC tested. Compared to competitors, some values within the product range achieve a miniaturization or a lower profile solution.

Main applications are Interference suppression/input & output filtering for industrial power supplies, home appliance, metering, DC/DC and AC/DC converter, OBC and inverter application for renewable energy etc.

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