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Digital processing of audio signals

The processing of audio signals is more and more often being carried out by DSPs (Digital Signal Processors), which in turn is making the use of analog filters and AD/DA converters essential.

CODICO has a wide spectrum of active and passive components to offer, as well as connectors and cable assemblies for the professional and commercial sectors. Among the active components, the top- quality ADCs and DACs are particularly worth mentioning, with a sampling frequency of 192 kHz and a word width of 24 bits to meet the highest audio requirements. The range is rounded off by what are referred to as Mixed Signal SoCs (System on Chip) with integrated DSPs and audio codecs.

Subcategories of Audio:

Produktkategorie ADC/DAC


Read more about it!

Produktkategorie Class D Audio

Class D Audio

Efficient amplification of audio signals!

Produktkategorie CODEC


Encoding or decoding data or signals

Produktkategorie Voice Recording/Playback

Voice Recording/Playback

For various fields of applications

Produktkategorie Speech Processing

Speech Processing

Preprogrammed Signal Processors


Advantages of the digital processing of audio signals

Digital processing of audio signals has these decisive advantages over analog:

  • No ageing: Analog elements are subject to an ageing process, which means that their transfer performance deteriorates as time passes.
  • Greater precision: Because of manufacturing tolerances and temperature dependency, analog systems never work 100% identically. By contrast, with digital systems processing always takes place in exactly the same way.
  • Favorable price
  • Storage: In contrast to analog audio signals, digital audio signals can be stored

But even with digital signal processing, it is not possible to do away totally with analog elements. Prior to digitalization, the audio signal must be limited in its band width, and that is done by analog low-pass filtering. And in the same way, following the digital-analog conversion, the step-shaped output signal must be smoothed with a low-pass filter. But apart from the filters, with traditional audio applications other analog elements are also used, such as amplifiers which enhance the input signal prior to digitalization in accordance with the input range of the ADC. Conversely, amplifiers are used after the DA conversion, for example to control loudspeakers. And with the use of Class D amplifiers, the output signal must again be smoothed with an analog low-pass filter. For the entire range of audio signal processing.

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