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Double Layer Capacitor

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Double layer capacitors store a big amount of electrical energy by using the electric double layer which is created at the interface between the electrode and the electrolyte. The product portfolio of CODICO provides supercapacitors of different designs and technologies. Those reach from SMD- over THT- to screw terminal types. From this portfolio of various manufacturers you can choose your application fitting EDLC.

Our suppliers in this category Double Layer Capacitor:


EATON Corporation is a multinational company with head quarter in Dublin. For several markets EATON is developing and producing components and modules. The different applications vary from hydraulic and electric systems to mobile and aerospace modules. EATON is serving more than 150 countries and has a total turnover of approx. 22.6 billion USD.


Your Contact:

Your contact for EATON:  Roland Trimmel
Roland Trimmel
Product Line Manager
+43 1 86305-144
Your contact for EATON:  Sebastian Gebhart
Sebastian Gebhart
Product Line Manager
+43 1 86305-205


RUBYCON is one of the worldwide leading Japanese manufacturers of aluminium electrolytic capacitors. Rubycon is market leader in long life e-caps and very strong in high performance e-caps like high ripple current / low impedance with continuous miniaturization.


Your contact :

Your contact for RUBYCON:  Yasunobu Ikuno
Yasunobu Ikuno
Field Application Engineer, Product Line Manager
+43 1 86305-276


TOKIN is a Japanese manufacturer with longtime experience in developing and producing electric components. Out of their total product range the focus of CODICO is on double layer capacitors.


Your contact :

Your contact for TOKIN:  Roland Trimmel
Roland Trimmel
Product Line Manager
+43 1 86305-144

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