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Fiber Optical Transceivers

Fiber-optic communication means transmitting information from one device to another by using pulses of light through an optical fibers. It is used by many companies to transmit telephone signals, Internet communication and cable television signals.

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Fiber Optical Transceivers

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Modern optic-fiber communication systems include an: Fiber Optical Transceivers (transmitter) to convert the electrical signal into an optical signal and send it into the optical fiber, a cable (containing a bundle of multiple optical fibers), multiple kinds of amplifiers and an Fiber Optical Transceivers (receiver) to recover the signal in an electrical signal.


There are wavelength bands (or windows) these are the most favourable for transmission. These windows have been standardized, and the currently defined bands are the following:


Band Description Wavelength Range
O band original 1260 to 1360nm
E band extended 1360 to 1460nm
S band short wavelengths 1460 to 1530nm
C band "conventional
(""erbium window"")"
1530 to 1565nm
L band long wavelengths 1565 to 1625nm
U band ultralong wavelengths 1625 to 1675nm



  • SX - 850 nm, for a maximum of 550 m at 1.25 Gbit/s (gigabit Ethernet) or 150m at 4.25 Gbit/s (Fibre Channel)(multi-mode fiber)
  • LX - 1310 nm, for distances up to 10 km (for single-mode fiber)
  • EX - 1310 nm, for distances up to 40 km
  • ZX - 1550 nm, for distances up to 80 km
  • EZX - 1550 nm, for distances up to 160 km
  • BX - 1490 nm/1310 nm, for distances up to 10 km ; Single Fiber Bi-Directional Gigabit SFP Transceivers, paired as BS-U and BS-D for Uplink and Downlink respectively. Variations of bidirectional SFPs are also manufactured which use 1550 nm in one direction.


Copper twisted pair cabling 1000BASE-T - these modules incorporate significant interface circuitry and can only be used for gigabit Ethernet.



Fiber Optial Receiver

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